Windows 10 Anniversary Edition upgrade

Surprise - Just when you thought you were safe with Windows 10 (and my blogging), out comes the Anniversary Edition. There are many places on the web to tell you all about the changes and improvements and I'll let them to fill in the details. I just wanted to point out a few details to be aware of with the upcoming upgrade.

It will check your computer to see if it has enough memory, hard drive space and other resources.
The upgrade will usually last several hours but can be an all night thing with a slow Internet connection.
You can easily go back to the way your computer was before, but that's only delaying things. It will happen at some point in the future.
It will ask for permission before it upgrades and allow you to continue working in the background as it does a very large download. Then on the reboot it does the upgrade........
This is a new "build" of Windows 10. Some things (taskbar, start menu, etc. will be a bit different.
...and some things (for the geeks like me) Microsoft didn't get right (file sharing changes, RAID support lost, etc.) but hopefully shouldn't be a worry for you.

Changes in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition are nothing to fear and are not that different so any current user of Win10 will be comfortable. If you need help or have questions, please fee free to give us a shout..