Use “The Cloud”

My blogging has slowed in recent moths. Summer, business and a compelling lack of something to say are easy suspects. Regardless, I need to reiterate a blog post I did two years ago and that is I still don't see people backing up to the cloud no matter how easy it is. I see bad hard drives weekly where an unfortunate person's pictures/letters/emails/etc. are lost due to hard drive failure with no backup. Some of these hard drives can be saved by the recovery experts for just a $1/GB. But, many of today's hard drives are a terabyte (1,000 GBs). That's $1,000 in recovery fees (plus two new hard drives) and beyond many peoples budget.

I still see external hard drives and USB thumb drives being used for backup. Although this is better than nothing, it is pale compared to the automatic and continuous coverage of using a cloud provider. The cloud providers have redundant hard drives, in redundant computers in redundant data centers around the world. You can and should take advantage of this (for free in most cases).

If we can help in any way please give us a call so we can stop by and take care of this and any other questions you may have.