Talk to Google

You did know you can talk to Google on your laptop or desktop computer right?  Click the microphone button and ask away!  The weather, pictures of your favorite place, maps and distances, TV schedules, recipes and everything else that comes to mind.  Google is forever improving its voice capabilities and another round of improvements has recently gone into effect.  You will be amazed.  Desktop computers need a microphone (let us know if you need help with that) and all modern laptops come with a microphone already built in.  You need to use the Chrome browser and use Google's home page (make your home page).  Click and talk and I'm sure soon (or already) the click won't even be needed.

Android phone users have been used to Google's voice assistant for some time. iPhone users have Siri.  Microsoft has Cortana (trying hard but just isn't there yet......)  IBM even has Watson (heh).  No name for Google voice assistant? Com'on Google.  Don't be so stuffy.


As always, let us know what we can do to help.  Everyone needs a digital handyman!