So you got a new computer for Christmas

Did you get a bright and shiny new computer for Christmas?  Then are you ready for the barrage of questions ready to come your way when you turn it on?  What language and location? PIN or password? Extra keyboard layouts, Cortana, advertising, privacy, etc.?  It's a bit intimidating and some of the answers can't be undone.

The questions will include your decision to make an online or offline account with your new computer.  Our best recommendation here is if you use (or plan to use) Office 365, One Drive or other Microsoft products then make yourself an online account that helps tie it all together.  Else if your just browsing the Internet and keeping up on Facebook with the PC  then an offline account is probably preferred.

The people over at Windows Central have an excellent article on setting up Windows 10 that can explain the details much better than me.  It's definitely worth a read before you power up that new PC.


If you'd like us to set up things and explain the details then give us a call or text and let us know how we can help.