Safe Internet for the whole family

One of the most overlooked areas of Internet usage is safe browsing for family or business. I don't mean viruses but protection for where you go on the Internet. Do you worry about family members accidentally bumping into unsavory content (i.e. porn, drugs, etc.)? There are settings you can implement on your router to minimize or prevent unwanted Internet content. They are quick, easy and free.

Without getting too geeky, every home or business that has more than one Internet device has a router. (Some have combination modem/routers). Routers connect you to the Internet. They have settings you can change. The Internet runs on numbers, not names. If you want to go to on the Internet your computer first checks with a DNS server on the Internet. DNS translates a name we understand, like, to an IP address that computers understand, like (If you are using a slow DNS server your Internet browsing will be slow even if your Internet connection is fast.)

Now - To the point. By selecting a free DNS server available from OpenDNS speed can be increased and you can use DNS servers that allow you to filter unwanted content for family or business reasons. All that's required is to change a few numbers in your router. Every router (Netgear here and Linksys examples here) has a place to enter these server IP addresses.

The IP addresses provided by OpenDNS are: - primary high-speed DNS server - secondary high-speed DNS server - primary (filtered-family protected) high-speed DNS server - secondary (filtered-family protected) high-speed DNS server

If all this sounds intimidating or too geeky for your computer skills then please give us a call so we can stop by and take care of this and any other questions you may have.