We are a service company aimed at helping you.  We don't make a business selling new computers and software so we have no vested interests in selling you one product or another.  But, some of our free software suggestions are below and to the right.

Is the desktop dead?

Today's laptops have fallen dramatically in price and are extremely powerful. They have plugs to run full size flat screen monitors and accept external keyboard and mouse. They can act just like a desktop computer with their lids closed. They also provide their own battery backup when the power flickers during a storm. Yet, when it is time to go or you just want to lounge around the living room browsing YouTube, pull the plugs and you're mobile. It's hard to justify a desktop these days. Admittedly, laptops are not really for gamers or heavy digital video editing, but work great for the vast majority of PC users.


$250 Computers!!!


We try to keep a small selection of gently used desktops and laptops for sale ($150-$250) with Windows 10. They have increased memory, fast SSDs instead of HDDs and are free of big vendor adware and bloatware and are fully tested, updated, warranted and ready to go. We can even move all your settings, data (pictures, music, documents), favorites, etc. over to your new computer so you don't miss a thing.


Small Business Tools

Would your business benefit from some large business tools?  Domain'd email, group calendaring, file and folder sharing, cloud backup and storage and more are available through Google G Suite. At $6/month/user it's a great option. All Google Apps sync with your computer, phone or tablet.  Make changes anywhere, any time, from any device and include everyone on your team.  If you have questions or need help with setup let us know.


We're proponents of open source software (see sidebar) and to most that means free software.  Several of our work and personal computers run the open source operating system Linux.  Our favorite is Linux Mint with the Mate desktop.  If we clone or repair your hard drive we will probably use Linux.  If you are not familiar with Linux, here are a couple of Linux vs. Windows discussions both old and new.  You can take a quick peek at an oldie but favorite Linux YouTube video here but don't let the dark theme dissuade you.  Linux can look like anything the user wants.  Linux is a modern leading-edge operating system and is always free. It runs the Internet servers and all Android phones.  Over 50,000 free programs.  No anti-virus needed.  Few know Linux makes a great desktop operating system. But, because it is different many users will not suffer the learning curve to get comfortable and enjoy open-source software.  Here is a discussion on "beginners" Linux versions.  (A Linux version is called a "distro" or distribution.) Give it a try. Ask us for a free Linux Live CD and run it from your DVD player with no installation.