Older computers gone before their time.

I'll admit right up front that I have a soft spot for old computer hardware. I don't need the latest, greatest and fastest tools and toys to rule my geek world. Yet I see so many computers retired long before their time. I hear how slow they are so they must be old or have a virus. Many times when I look at them I see no virus but just the opposite. They have things like 14 different McAfee anti-virus apps and 8 different HP bloatware apps all running along with stuck Windows Updates. Yep! It's slow! A good anti-virus runs with only 2-3 apps, HP apps don't need to be on the computer at all, and Windows should always be up to date. A quick refresh of Windows by Computer Cottage and that old laptop could be as lean, mean and faster than some of the app-bloated computers that come out today. Let us add a SSD (solid state drive) to the right old computer and it can be faster than some of the latest Core i5s and i7s computers that are coming out today.

Also remember, if you are using or have an old laptop with a broken keyboard or screen they are easily replaced. (Give us a shout.) But, that broken laptop can also be used as a desktop computer with external monitor, mouse and keyboard. Set it off to the side and just raise the screen to turn it on. It already has all the connections you need for the rest.

We keep late model lightly used computers in stock that are lean, mean and fast. We also would like to refresh your computer and give it a new life for just the cost of a service call. Give us a call or text and let us know how we can help.