Multiple email addresses on your smartphone

Everyone knows they can receive email from many different email accounts simultaneously on their smart phone right?  Ahhh - That's what I thought.....  The above image shows four different email addresses running on an Android phone together.  This doesn't even include the primary email address on the phone that's running in Gmail. You can see one of the above addresses is even another Gmail account.  That Gmail account can run here or in Gmail as another account.  Makes no difference other than preference of the user. In turn, Gmail can run the other non-Gmail accounts you see here in the Gmail app.  Again, user preference really.  I like Gmail for work email only and all my other accounts together in Android's email app.  Works for me.

It's effortless to access both work and personal (and ???) email on the same phone.  Just go to Email/Gmail and add account. We could give a bunch of links but it's easy enough to Google it for you particular Android/Apple phone and email preference. One click to your Inbox brings up any other Inboxes of other accounts (see image above).  One more click switches to the Inbox of your choice.  Scroll down on any Inbox and all the folders for that account are available.  You'll wonder why you didn't add all your little used email addresses to your phone long ago.


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