In-home vs. remote online service

The Internet is full of people and companies that want to fix your computer remote control via the web. Most of these companies are reputable but some are not (how would you tell the difference?). All of them are expensive and rely on a working computer with a good Internet connection which may not be the case or you wouldn't need help. Regardless, how do you trust the person you know nothing about, has no personal interest in you or your well-being with some of your life's most trusted information?

At Computer Cottage we always meet our customers and clients personally at their residence or business first. It builds trust and confidence and allows us to understand the "bigger picture" of printers, modems, routers and other devices so we can more effectively help at your home/business or remotely through the Internet. We are very interested in your well-being and how we can help make your digital life easier, better and seamless. We live here too and hope you won't see us just once but let us support you in all your digital needs. Some of that support may happen quicker or at off hours if done through remote access. It's just one more way we can help.

We own and run our own secure remote access server. It is not a rented service from some company on the Internet or shared by anyone. Your connection is encrypted and it can only connect you with us. It is available through a link at the bottom of our services page. A small file is downloaded into your "Downloads" folder and you are asked if it is OK to run. It will also present you with the "Please backup first!" verbiage and then ask your name (email is optional). That's it. You're connected to our remote access server and we will join you in just a second. When we are done (or at any time you would like) just click the "disconnect" button and the session ends. We cannot help again until you initiate another session. The file is still in downloads (or can be downloaded again) but must be double clicked by you (and approved) to run again. (A shortcut can be placed on your desktop.) We do not use resident (programs that are always running) support programs especially for your privacy. We have tried to make remote access as secure and easy as possible.

As always, let us know what we can do to help. Everyone needs a digital handyman!