Flash sucks – let me count the ways

Literally!  Adobe's Flash Player sucks too many system resources, sucks too much of my Internet bandwidth, sucks too much battery power (per Google), sucks too much of my time, sucks too much air through my laptop trying to keep cool (I can always hear my laptop fans when Flash is running) and Flash really sucks at security. (Flash can copy things to your computer's clipboard, a very dangerous practice.) And the list could go on. Don't use it if you don't need it and avoid sites that use it when ever possible.  You don't need to remove Flash.  This article explains how to turn Flash on and off in all major browsers.

Some things still require Flash but HTML5 is quickly replacing Flash. Support by all the major browsers for HTML5 is uneven (this article provides a good synopsis and explains the issues). I tend to turn Flash off when I am searching the web for information.  Flash isn't searchable by search engines anyway and I'm not slowed when briefly checking web pages that have Flash embedded. I turn Flash on when browsing for pleasure as there is the occasional movie trailer or news clip I just have to see.

We wish you safe and speedy browsing. Let us know if we can help.