DIY Virus Removal and Computer Repair?

There is a program that walks through most of the procedures many professional techs use to check a Windows PC for viruses and other issues. It's called TRON. It cleans, de-bloats, disinfects, repairs, patches and updates and optimizes your computer automatically. The best place to read up on the details is at the TRON site on GitHub. The best place to get the download is at Reddit website (link here). Please read through the details to know what you are getting into. Yes, it's a bit geeky but so is virus and computer repair. Here's a YouTube video that explains things a bit more clearly and in detail.

Now, with that said, here are the disclaimers and warnings. TRON gets into the nitty-gritty on your computer and can make some fundamental changes. Usually all for the good but depending on the issues or what TRON found repairs can go astray and strange things can happen. You need to be aware of this (and please don't hold me responsible). Still, it is one of the best free programs available to tackle a wide range of issues plaguing a PC. It covers a lot of territory and because of this will take a long time to run (all night?).

If you are having problems with your Windows PC and aren't comfortable using a program like TRON then please feel free to give us a call and let us get your PC back in tip-top shape.