Care and feeding of your laptop

We see quite a few laptop issues and failures that could easily be prevented. Most people don't even know that laptops should be treated very gently when running. Laptops should not be tossed about like they were a tablet. Hard drive failure is one of our biggest problems in laptops. Please remember, almost almost all laptops have hard drives in them. These drives have platters that spin at 5,400 RPM and have read/write heads moving back and forth across the platters on little wings flying within several thousandths of an inch above these platters. A good bump crashes the head into the platters and the errors begin. Please treat your laptops gently when running.

Over-heating issues from blocked vents is another reoccurring problem. Laptops overheating either from the vents being covered during use (think pillow on a lap) or through dust and debris clogging the cooling vents internally. Your laptop should throttle itself down when beginning to overheat, but we've seen them hot enough to melt the solder on the motherboard. Keep the vents clean and clear and you should be good. Remember the following-

  • Try to use your laptop when stationary if at all possible.
  • When using laptop on your lap be sure the air intakes underneath can breath. Use a laptop cradle if possible.
  • Handle gently and set your computer down very softly when on hard surfaces.
  • Clean your cooling vents a couple times a year. (Blow an air duster softly in from the reverse direction.)
  • Cycle your batteries from full to empty (100% - 5%) in one continuous run a couple times a year.
  • We like to use glasses lens cleaner (not window cleaner) on our laptop screens.

Tend to the care and feeding of your laptop and it should give you a long life. As always, if we can help in any way, give us a shout.