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Grant Nieting

Hi.  I'm Grant Nieting.  Owner and primary tech for Computer Cottage.  I've lived in the Lake Wisconsin area for over 35 years.  I included this picture so that when I come to visit you, you know who to expect. I'd like to make the visit as easy and comfortable as possible and earn your trust and confidence. Give us a call for your computer support needs.
I've been fascinated and actively involved with computers and networking for the last 40+ years.  I started with mainframes in my college years and owned a Commodor VIC-20 (programmed in Basic) in the early '80s.  Although I missed the original PC, I owned a PC-XT (8086 processor)  with a monstrous (for the time) 30 MB hard drive. Shortly after, I began to build my own computers, eventually building RAID servers at the corporate level.  As much as I enjoy the hardware I am also fascinated by software including different operating systems (OSs). Stop over on our Products page where I mention the Linux operating system and open source software.


Zoe Nieting

Hey there, I'm Zoe Nieting. Computers have been a huge part of my life since before I could walk--sitting on my dad's lap pressing buttons on 90s era Flight Simulator. My interest has never slowed down, so eventually I decided to turn that interest professional and went to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to earn a bachelor degree in IT and marketing. My goal is to combine those majors with my background in customer service to help turn technology from complex magic to simple science in the eyes of people I help.

At Computer Cottage, you'll most likely see me if you're an individual having issues with your tablet or smartphone. I can help out with Android, Apple, or Windows products--I'm happy to take a look at whatever you've got. (I also do some work behind-the-scenes with social media and print advertising: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn! ☺)

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